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Tracking domains - Setup

Every link inserted in Symplify will be replaced with new links. So when someone click on the link they will first go to the Symplify web server and then get forwarded to the actual landing page. That’s how Symplify measure clicks and that’s how you get your click statistics.
For this, you’ll need a sub domain to your sender domain. In Symplify, these sub domains are called Tracking domains.


How to set up Tracking domains?

So, to set these tracking domains up you have to have a DNS/Subdomain/Tracking domain created which should have it’s A-record pointing at your Carma accounts server IP.
Follow these steps to set it up:

1. Choose a suitable name for your tracking domain (i.e. newsletterclick.yourcompanyname.comor

2. Create these sub domains on your server (you might need help from your tech-department). The sub domain should be pointed (A-record) to the IP Carma is using for your account.
If you haven’t already been provided with an IP, send an email to with the subject “Tracking domain IP for (your account name in Symplify)”

3. Once you have set this up you can test it by typing your click domain into your web browser and press enter. The page should look like this if it is setup correctly:
PLEASE NOTE that it can take up to 24 hours for a DNS update which means it might take a while until your new sub domain is ready.

4. Then login to Carma and go to Account settings > Tracking domains and hit “New tracking domain” and add your new sub domain.
You’ll get an instant status note if the connection between Carma and your sub domain is working or not:


5. Go to a Project where this new tracking domain should be used and choose the domain in the dropdown for Links settings:

Repeat this step until you have correct default tracking domain on all your projects.


Test your new setup

1. Create an email that contains a link and send it to yourself.

2. Click on the link in the email.

3. If the link works, everything is OK. If not, please contact

Please note regarding domains to use in SMS sendouts!

Depending on device some domains may not be interpreted as link domains and returns a not clickable link in the SMS. This rarely happens with top level domains such as the common .com, .org, .net, .se etc. So, make sure you test any new domains properly on different devices (specifically iPhones) to see if everything look fine. 

Domain status
  • Not working: Domain does not exist or is pointing to the wrong IP address

  • Not recommended for use: You should not use a “” domain. Instead you should set up a tracking domain like we have described above. Using can affect your deliverability (even though it most likely does not) and you will loose features like List-Unsubscribe which is recommended by many ISPs like Gmail and others.

  • Working: Everything is working perfectly!